The first E2 Entertainment Settopbox.


What is E2BMC: E2BMC is a combination of KODI/XBMC and Enigma2.
It use the sources from http://github.com/xbmc and http://sourceforge.net/projects/openpli/

It combines the two platforms so that you have a XBMC box which have excellent DVB support


How to participating with E2BMC: At start the manufactures can use freely the sources.

After the manufacturers are settled, the next step will been a public release, so that everyone can get involved.


What do I need to run E2BMC: E2BMC demands support of OPENGL and decent drivers support

which run with no restriction XBMC and Enigma2. The chip architecture is irrelevant

Most common chipsets for E2BMC are based on MIPSEL, ARM and SH4.


E2BMC images: E2BMC supplies two kind of build environment.
The “Standard” version is stable and compatible with most available plugins.

The “Experimental” version is a version with the latest development.

Please note: The experimental version can have compatible issues with some plugins.

We recommend therefor to use the standard version.



History of E2BMC: Due the fact the chipsets get more advanced, it was time to upgrade enigma2 to a complete new level.

Enigma2 was always been seen as a DVB player and not as an entertainment center. The entertainment part in enigma2 was poor compared to other media en entertainment player.

In 2011 the develop start, first idea was to upgrade enigma2 with a OPENGL layer.

This will improve the graphics enormously and the first step for interactive GUI/OSD skin.

This project was middle 2012 ready, however we were not happy.

We still had the issue that’s it’s a DVB player and not a DVB entertainment player.

The project e2bmc was born.




To give an idea and first impression, what E2BMC, checkout the youtube channel.



Youtube movies


Audio track selection
Subtitle selection
Add Timer and edit

Channel editor
move remove delete
create favorite list

Picture in Picture
Smoothless HD PiP
Resize PiP frame

Tuner setup
Setup satellite configuration
Satellite Scan




XBMC Navigation Menu
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Channel Info
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Channel EPG
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Picture in Picture
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